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Kazi Foods & Beverage®, the nation's largest food and beverage company, is committed to enhancing quality of life and contributing to a healthier future.

Full Name : Kazi Foods

Tél. :(213) 043 27 63 98

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Location : ALGERIA

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For starters, by default, the bot does not require users to create accounts. Any information they choose to enter, such as their name or email address, is purely optional and is only shared with other meeting participants. We do not keep this information after the meeting. Other pieces of data such as chat or speaker statistics, for example, are stored for the duration of the meeting and then destroyed at the end.

Obviously, a lot of these things can be customized by the configuration of the actual deployment you are using, so we'll talk about which one we maintain. The recordings are a bit of an interesting case. They are kept on our servers until we can upload them to the location you specify (currently Dropbox). If we haven't managed to do this within 24 hours, we'll always delete them and they're gone forever (so make sure you have enough space in your Dropbox folders)

Do you use analytics ?

This robot does not come with any preconfigured scan engine. We use analytics with our partner Jitsi, so let's talk about it. We are very committed to privacy and security and we are extremely careful about the information that reaches the crawl engines we use. Having said that, we also want to provide our users with a great product experience. So we need some visibility on what's really going on. We currently use Amplitude, Datadog, and Crashlytics to cover various aspects of the applications and infrastructure on Items we track in the scans include an anonymous identifier (you can run in 'incognito' mode if that bothers you), bit rate, available bandwidth, SDP offers and responses, product usage events , mobile application crash dumps (how many product features are used globally).

Most importantly, once your meeting is over, we don't keep any name, email address, or profile picture (as we mentioned above, these are only forwarded to other meeting participants) . While we hope that's setup will be satisfactory for most users, we fully understand that it will be incompatible with what others are looking for. If for some reason this is the case for you, remember that you could be running your private Jitsi Meet instance in just 15 minutes !.

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